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Monday,October 14th 2019


1.Baby’s birthday can be unpredictable. It’s best to contact me during the second trimester of your pregnancy, so I can pencil you up. The session is reschedule once the baby arrives.

2.Newborn sessions are the most successful when done within first 14 days of birth. Most of the poses will be done while baby is sleeping.

3. About 30 minutes before your session, please loosen baby’s diaper and any clothing with waist bands that could leave those little imprint marks. Loosening them before the session gives them time to disappear.

4.Poop happens! Please don’t be upset or don’t feel bad if baby decides it’s time to go potty when she/he is in the buff and being photographed. This is totally natural and it is just part of the job.  I launder all blanket with non-scented baby detergent between sessions. It would be definitely be helpful if you have extra wipes and diapers available when things get messy though.

5. A well fed baby is a happy baby. Please feed and burp baby right before the newborn session. I am also happy to make as many breaks as baby needs if she or he gets hungry during the photoshoot.

6. And the last but not least. Please bring pacifier for the session. It is extremely helpful to keep baby happy and calm and relax during the session. The pacifier is an amazing tool that helps to achieve that!

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